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Back to School: Keeping the classroom safe for students and teachers

School is now in session, but at what cost? Many students are returning home sick and spreading any viruses to their families. With COVID-19 still rampant and new viruses such as monkeypox quickly spreading, it is more crucial now than ever to keep classrooms clean and sanitized.

Most viruses are spread through contaminated surfaces and can be mitigated through careful cleaning. While most schools use in-house custodial care, an extra layer of sanitation and protection from outside cleaning service can keep your classrooms safe.

Classrooms have many surfaces that are frequently touched and need to be sanitized on a regular basis. There are many disinfectant products that are available to clean the different surface types such as floor products and tabletops as well as multipurpose disinfectant products. We recommended these green cleaning products for minimal usage.

School Cleaning Checklist

Clear off table surfaces

Dust tabletops and shelves

Disinfect all table surfaces and highly used items

Clean black/white boards

Sweep floor

Mop/vacuum floors

Empty trash and recycling bins

Refill hand sanitizers (as needed)

Disinfect door knobs, handles, door surface, and door frame

SWA highly recommends that desks, door handles/knobs, pencil sharpeners, and other frequently used community items are disinfected on a daily basis, preferably done by a professional to ensure best results.

Be sure to disinfect other high traffic areas such as cafeterias and gyms.

Aside from disinfecting the campus to prevent the spreading of the virus, it is also important to stay updated with the CDC guidelines for school environments.

Get a free comprehensive plan to ensure the health of your school environment by contacting us here.



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